Aryan is a bubbly and cute kiddie.  He is ever smiling and loves to listen to music.

He is learning how to play the piano and wants to be a musician.

He loves to play with puzzles and lego blocks.

Aryan is 7 years old.


Mehr is a fun loving kiddie. Being a girl, she loves to dress-up and put make-up, trying different nail-paints is what she loves the most.
She loves to draw and makes wonderful craft. She also likes music and is learning how to play the keyboard.
Mehr loves playing with dolls and doll house, kitchen sets, slime, play doh, etc.
Mehr is 8 years old.


Shivaun is a curious, explorative and an ever smiling kiddie.

He always comes up with new ideas and tricks and loves to play pranks and make people laugh.

He is learning to play the drums and wants to become a scientist.

Shivaun  loves to play with Gadgets, lego blocks, etc.

Shivaun is 7 years old